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NCIS: New Orleans season 3 to premiere on September 20, 2016

We monitor the news to keep you updated on the release date of NCIS: New Orleans season 3. New episodes are scheduled to premiere on CBS on September 20, 2016. If you want to get reminded of the show’s premiere date, please, sign up for updates below.

Storyline and cast

NCIS: New Orleans is an American police procedural, action, crime and military drama television series that is currently airing on the CBS channel in the United States. NCIS: New Orleans is the second spin-off from the highly successful and long-running CBS drama series NCIS. The other spin-off series debuted in 2011 and is titled NCIS: Los Angeles (it currently airs on CBS on Mondays at 10pm). NCIS: New Orleans was created by Gary Glasberg who also serves as executive producer alongside Mark Harmon, Jeffrey Lieber and James Hayman. The crime drama series is produced for CBS by Wings Productions, When Pigs Fly Incorporated and CBS Television Studios. Season 1 of NCIS: New Orleans debuted on the CBS channel on September 23, 2014.

NCIS: New Orleans follows the team of the local NCIS office that specializes in investigating criminal cases which involve the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The drama series stars Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan, Rob Kerkovich, C. C. H. Pounder, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell and Shalita Grant.

Ongoing season and renewal predictions

Season 2 of NCIS: New Orleans premiered on the CBS channel in the US on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT and it is set to consist of 24 one-hour episodes. The debut season of the show demonstrated very high viewer ratings, having averaged 15.26 million total viewers per episode, so the renewal news came as no surprise. So far, after just several episodes into a second season, NCIS: New Orleans is averaging 13 million viewers, which is a 13% decline when compared to the first season. At the moment, there have been no statements from CBS about a potential third season, so check back with us for the latest news, or subscribe to our notifications and get the premiere date of NCIS: New Orleans season 3 automatically sent to your inbox as soon as it is announced.

Latest developments

UPDATED December 22, 2015: The newest spin-off in the extremely popular police procedural franchise, NCIS: New Orleans finished airing the first installment of the current second season on December 11th before going on a holiday hiatus. The remaining thirteen episodes of the highly-rated sophomore series will begin airing on the CBS channel in the US on January 5, 2016. Delivering more than 13.5 million viewers on average per episode in the current run, the show is definitely in a very good position to get renewed.

UPDATED March 26, 2016: NCIS: New Orleans, the most recent series in the ever-expanding NCIS franchise, has just been renewed for a third season. The decision must have been an easy one for CBS, considering the chart-topping 13 million viewers per episode average of the currently broadcast second installment. The future is looking bright for a total of 11 of CBS ongoing programs that have been renewed wholesale per yesterday's announcement. The fate of several of the shows, such as CSI: Cyber and Supergirl will be decided later on in the year. Please stay tuned for further information on the release date of NCIS: New Orleans' third chapter.

UPDATED September 7, 2016: The fall programming lineup on the CBS channel this year looks very exciting and includes a handful of returning fan-favorites as well as a number of new scripted series. The youngest member of the NCIS franchise, NCIS: New Orleans is scheduled to air its season 3 premiere in the US on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 10pm ET/PT, right after the series premiere of the new drama Bull that starts at 9pm. The second installment of the show has brought in more than 13 million viewers per episode, so it will be interesting to see how new episodes measure up. Sign up for our notifications and we will remind you of the release date of NCIS: New Orleans season 3 one day before it airs.

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Premiere date of NCIS: New Orleans season 3 – September 20, 2016

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