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Donnie Loves Jenny season 3 to premiere on March 16, 2016

We monitor the news to keep you updated on the release date of Donnie Loves Jenny season 3. New episodes are scheduled to premiere on A&E on March 16, 2016. If you want to get reminded of the show’s premiere date, please, sign up for updates below.

Summary and storyline

Donnie Loves Jenny is a popular American reality television show that is currently being broadcast on the A&E channel in the United States. The unscripted docu-series follows the lives of recently married actors Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, who both serve as executive producers on the show. Just before the launch of the show they established a production company D&J Productions that produces the reality series together with 44 Blue Productions. A 10-episode debut chapter of the show was released in the US on January 7, 2015 that showcased the couples beautiful wedding.

The popular real life series follows the lives of actors Donnie Wahlberg (Blue Bloods, Runway) and Jenny McCarthy (The View, Two and a Half Men, Scary Movie 3). Since none of the Hollywood weddings can be considered meaningful without being shown on television, Jenny and Donnie decided to run the show about their marriage. This romantic show gave viewers the details of their wedding, and then continued on chronicling how newlyweds spent their first days of marriage.

Ratings, reviews and possible renewal

Season 2 of Donnie Loves Jenny premiered on the A&E channel in the US on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, at 10PM ET/PT, right after the season premiere of Wahlburgers. In the premiere episode, Donny and Jenny bid farewell to New York City as they get ready to move to Chicago. The series has been one of the highest-rated original shows on the network and many fans simply can’t get enough of the loved up couple. Considering a winning combination of solid viewership and good reviews, we would be surprised if the series didn’t get picked up for another run. Meanwhile, check back with us for the latest developments on the show, or subscribe to our updates and get automatically notified as soon as the reality show gets renewed.

Latest developments

UPDATED January 28, 2016: Having wrapped up a 7-episode second cycle on September 2, 2015, the fate of the sophomore A&E Network’s reality show Donnie Loves Jenny was up in the air for a while. Luckily, the channel has just formally announced on its official Facebook page that their hit reality series has been indeed renewed for another round. The premiere date is yet to be scheduled, but we have learned that new episodes are expected to hit the small screen later this year. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some bonus scenes from the first season.

Donnie Loves Jenny bonus scenes

UPDATED February 10, 2016: In just a little over than a month from today, fans of the actor couple Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy will have a chance to reunite with their lovebirds as the popular reality show returns to the small screen. A new cycle of the show is scheduled to premiere on the A&E network in the US on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 10pm ET/PT, one week after the premiere of Wahlburgers on March 9th at 9pm. All new episodes will focus on the loved up couple after they’ve moved to a suburban town in Illinois. Subscribe to our updates and we will send you an automated reminder of the release date of Donnie Loves Jenny season 3 one day before the premiere.

Current Status

Premiere date of Donnie Loves Jenny season 3 – March 16, 2016

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0 gail  2016-08-23 14:40
I like this show better then walburgers. To have mark skip his own brothers wedding with some lame excuse now he is trying to be in every show now makes me sick. Jenny is beautiful but can be on tv with her hair messed up, no makeup and be ok with that. Donnie is the fun one where mark is blah. I like that it showed mark giving the finger on the internet then talking in front of the pope. Good job a & e you just lost viewers for walburgers.
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+1 Angie  2016-04-23 22:31
I am Inspired By The Love That I See Between Donnie & Jenny.. Not Only Are They Not Ashamed to Show It, But I Can "Feel" The Love Between The 2 of Them!! I Truly Believe In Finding That True Soul Mate In Life & Never Settling For Less.. U Go Donnie & Jenny & May God Bless U & Your Marriage, Evan, & Your Father!! Also, Donnie's Mother for Doing Such A Wonderful Job On Raising Your Sons for Being Such Good, Loving, & Respectful Men!! As Far As Jenny & Evan.. One Never Knows What It Is Like to Have A Child With Autism & The Time A Mother Must Invest Into That.. I Am A Supporter Of U Jenny!! DONT LISTEN TO THE JEALOUS HATERS!!!!
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0 Jane Fraser  2016-04-03 20:03
:sad: Jenny McCarthy is the worse person to represent autism. She called Jim Carry "The Autism Whisperer" when they were together, and then went on to bash him, and say that Evan needed extensive therapy when they split up, even tho he WAS NOT Evan's biological father! She should be a much better mother to Evan. This show is so fake. The sexual stuff is also fake. If you are doing it, you don't HAVE to put it out there. Sorry guys, but it seems very uncomfortable between the two of you. Do you really need the paycheck THAT bad????
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