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Wahlburgers is yet to be renewed for season 7

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Series info and cast

A popular US reality show that offers an inside look at the Wahlberg family restaurants in Boston and beyond, Wahlburgers originally premiered on A&E in January 2014. It is produced by 44 Blue Productions, Closest to the Hole Productions and Donnie D Productions and executive produced by Donnie and Mark Wahlberg. The current sixth season premiered on July 6, 2016. The show has also spawned a spinoff series, Donnie Loves Jennie, which premiered in 2015.

Wahlburgers is an iconic Boston area burger joint run by the title family, celebrity chef Paul Wahlberg, his brothers, actors Donnie and Mark, and their mother Alma. The series follows their professional and personal exploits, with the recent season featuring an expansion of their brand to several other cities, including Toronto, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and, in the current season, Orlando.

Current season and renewal potential

The current season also features Paul cooking as a guest celebrity chef at the Kentucky Derby and Alma dealing with her fear of flying. There is plenty of potential for development considering the fact that the restaurant empire expansion plan includes dozens more restaurants, however, it might get a bit repetitive. Wahlburgers is a popular series that has scored an Emmy nomination in 2014 for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. The current season premiered to 0.944 million viewers, a far better result than the previous season's average, and if ratings remain as high throughout the season, we very well may see another season of Wahlburgers.

Current Status

Premiere date of Wahlburgers season 7 – not yet renewed

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0 Deni  2016-03-09 04:44
One of the few shows that makes you smile -- so much love in that family :roll:
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