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Ibiza Weekender series 2 to premiere on February 07, 2016

We monitor the news to keep you updated on the release date of Ibiza Weekender series 2. New episodes are scheduled to premiere on ITV on February 07, 2016. If you want to get reminded of the show’s premiere date, please, sign up for updates below.

The Ibiza Weekender is a British reality television series that airs on the ITV2 channel in the United Kingdom. The Ibiza Weekender is actually series 4 of a smash hit reality series The Magaluf Weekender, a British reality television series following a group of 18–24 year-olds spending a weekend at a hotel resort in Spain. For series 1-3, The Magaluf Weekender was shot at the Lively Hotel in the holiday resort of Magaluf, Mallorca. Series 4 changed the location to Ibiza, and the title was changed to The Ibiza Weekender. The series is executive produced by Gyles Neville (The Only Way Is Essex, Party House) and Melanie Darlaston (Killer Psychopaths, The Last Days Of ...). Series 1 of The Ibiza Weekender premiered on ITV2 on February 8, 2015.

Series 1 of The Ibiza Weekender debuted on the ITV channel in the UK on February 8, 2015 and consisted of eight one-hour episodes. Both, the original series The Magaluf Weekender, and The Ibiza Weekender have enjoyed very high ratings and have consistently created buzz in social media. There is a very good chance that the show will get renewed for another series. Since there have been no statements yet from ITV2 about the renewal, check back with us for the latest news or subscribe to our notifications and get the release date of The Ibiza Weekender automatically sent to your inbox as soon as it is announced.

UPDATED July 4, 2015: ITV has just announced the renewal of the reality series Ibiza Weekender for another cycle. Series 2 of Ibiza Weekender is slated to premiere in 2016 and it will focus on the comings and goings at a single Ibiza hotel. Each of eight one-hour episodes will follow the fun, flirtatious and sometimes outrageous lives of Ibiza holiday reps. Casting for the show is currently underway. If you want to apply, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

UPDATED February 9, 2016: Gear up for more fun in the sun as an all-new cycle of ITV2’s new reality television series Ibiza Weekender is about to hit the small screen. The reality show from the production company behind the smash hit program The Only Way Is Essex is scheduled to premiere in Great Britain on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 9pm. As six young British men and women travel to this island famous for its nightlife and endless partying for the first time, there will be no shortage of entertainment, romance and, of course, drama.

Current Status

Premiere date of Ibiza Weekender series 2 – February 07, 2016

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