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Rainbow Days is yet to be renewed for season 2

We monitor the news to keep you updated on the release date of Nijiiro Days (Rainbow Days) season 2. At the moment, the Production Reed studio is yet to renew or cancel the anime. If you want to get automatically notified of the anime series renewal, please, sign up for updates below

Anime info and storyline

A relatively small studio Production Reed has always worked as a secondary studio on various anime projects, so it is not surprising that it has chosen a mini-series as its first independent anime television project. At the same time, this new series Nijiiro Days will be running for the whole six months.

Nat-chan met a girl dressed as Santa on Christmas Eve and immediately fell in love. He gave the girl his scarf as a present, but forgot to ask her name. He would have been suffering from lost love if one day he didn’t discover by chance that the young woman was going to the same school as him, is friends with a math teacher, has a part-time job at a karaoke club where Nat-chan often goes with friends. And his friends are pretty amazing – they decide to help the love struck young man to become better acquainted with the girl. Only their tips do not always help, and more often than not Nat-chan finds himself in awkward situations because of his friends. But that does not stop them from getting involved and they continue to interfere in his love life.

Current season and renewal expectations

The graphics of Nijiiro Days is nothing special, and the storyline lacks certain dynamic. The boys feel more like frozen pigeons than daring sparrows. Nevertheless, the Japanese audience has reacted very favorably to the new anime series: Rainbow Days is currently among the ten most popular anime in the polls among both male and female audiences. We believe that if the studio will not lower the bar in terms of the quality, we can easily expect a second season of Rainbow Days in the winter of 2017.

Current Status

Premiere date of Nijiiro Days season 2 – not yet renewed

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+4 Nijiuroooooo  2017-08-25 20:54
Mari Chan best girl
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+10 dcruz  2017-07-28 12:57
i just want season 2 of nijiro days, man i'm so obsessed with this anime
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+17 Mattsuntsukutsun  2016-09-19 01:27
Were hoping, This Anime relates my/our High school days. and I'm inlove with this anime.
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