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Starmyu is officially renewed for season 2 to air in spring 2017

We monitor the news to keep you updated on the release date of High School Star Musical (Starmyu) season 2. To the delight of the fans, the C-Station studio has renewed the series for another season, slated to air in spring 2017. If you want to get automatically notified of the anime series premiere date, please, sign up for updates below.

Anime background

This is the first independent project for C-Station studio and it is quite a strange choice for a debut series, which follows a creation of a high school musical.

Five male friends are students at the Ayanagi Academy, which is the place to learn everything that has to do with show business. The music department here is especially prestigious, due to the fact that it's being curated by the true stars of the Academy – three elite students with the highest grades. Just when it seems that the five friends are about to be kicked out of the Academy altogether, they attract the attention of one of the elite, Takashi Otori, and he takes na interest in them. What the audience gets to see is how the five losers try to make their way to fame.

The plot of the series is just within the boundaries of the genre, and the graphics are mediocre, with a bit too much of 3D animation. The music could be better, as well, especially considering the fact that it is a musical. In other words, we doubt that there will be a second season.

Latest developments

UPDATED May 31, 2016: Great news! The musical anime series Starmyu has been officially renewed – a second season will be released in the spring of 2017. The good news was announced at the panel discussion dedicated to the series that was held on May 28 in Tokyo. Musical anime genre is gaining more and more popularity with the audiences, so it is not surprising that the story about five newcomers at the prestigious music academy, who, at first glance, are not exceptionally talented but possess a remarkable tenacity, was relished by viewers. Stay tuned for the release date announcement for High School Star Musical series 2.

Current Status

Premiere date of High School Star Musical season 2 – renewed (spring 2017, to be scheduled)

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I can't wait until the new season of starmyu....
I can hardly wait at all...
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